Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Stage Storage

I have to thank the guys from Autodesk who showed this a few weeks back at the Autodesk Industry Academy in Amsterdam....

I used to think that this tool was related to the Hydraflow Storm Sewers application and therefore not relevant to this part of the world due to differing hydrologic design methodologies.
However this is a stand alone tool that is a really simple and effective way of calculating the volume of a pond. You can calculate from either a surface or polylines.

Run the command and you are presented with the following dialog box:
In here you can click on Define to add data to use in the calculation - you can choose either surfaces or polylines. I have had a number of crashes when using surfaces but am unsure of whether this is an issue with the command or my surface. The alternative is to extract contours from your surface first and then use these polylines in the stage storage command instead. You can also export a .txt report of the analysis or insert a table of the results into the drawing using the buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

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