Monday, 27 May 2013

Wind Turbine Hardstand Videos

The following 4 videos show how to model the hardstand areas for a wind turbine access road into your C3D corridor.

I have written about this before ( The videos should fill in any gaps when following the workflow:

Step 1 - Create Hardstand Edge Alignments:

Step 2 - Create Profiles for Hardstand Edges:

Step 3 - Modelling Hardstand Corridor:

Step 4 - Finalising Hardstand Corridor:


  1. Donal

    You previously suggested modifying the section intervals manually to get around the right angles but in the videos you suggest using radii.

    This radii method seems to cause less hassle but have you done any comparisons in terms of difference in earthworks volumes?

  2. Neil,

    Adding the radii works much better! I don't know what I was thinking doing it the other way! Every time I start a new job the workflow changes slightly and improves.

    I haven't done any comparisons on volumes but I would think the difference would be hard to spot given that neither is a 100% true representation of the actual. Using curves wins for me though given how easy it makes to edit. You could probably get away with smaller radii than I did in the video.

    Have you started using Infraworks for any Windfarm jobs yet? I was uploading a scenario from it for use at a meeting through the web viewer and noticed that if you do a slope or elevation analysis in IW the analysis wont show in the online viewer... hope they add this in next release.

  3. Yes the radii method looks a lot slicker e.g. grip editing etc. I think I'd probably agree about the volumes as more often than not the final design is changed to suit the site specific conditions anyway and as the jobs are very rarely (if at all) based on traditional Bill of Quantities remeasurable methods small variations are not that difficult to accommodate. The major expense is the rock for the running surfaces i.e. borrow pit or import but this is very simple to calculate accurately anyway.

    I've been kind of using Infraworks for a small windfarm development in Northern Ireland but can't get the corridor surface to appear above the existing ground. Also been looking into 3ds Max Design for visuals but I'm very impressed with the speed of Infraworks in spinning around in 3D etc