Monday, 24 June 2013

Using Laser Scan Data for Road Rehabilitation

Here is a video I put together showing a use of laser scan data as part of a road rehabilitation workflow.

The background to the workflow is that a section of motorway requires repaving. The repaved section is designed in C3D and is already complete. The design requires that there is adequate vehicle clearance after the section of the road has been repaved. There are a number of overpasses along the motorway which have been surveyed using laser scanners. The workflow in the video demonstrates how to use Autodesk Recap, AutoCAD Civil 3D and Navisworks Manage to perform a clash detection between the clearance envelope and the laser scan data to check for adequate clearance.

The dataset is from the Netherlands so thanks to Peter Ingles of Autodesk for putting it together!

Please make sure that the quality settings are set to the maximum in Youtube when viewing (see small cog/gear symbol in bottom right of screen).

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