Monday, 14 October 2013

Autodesk Autotrack

While I am making announcements I may as well blow the trumpet one more time!

With the purchase of Autotrack by Autodesk from Savoy on 19th August 2013, Amicus Technology, with their longstanding specialisation in Infrastructure and Road Design software,  have been recognised by Autodesk as one of only four Key Autotrack Partners worldwide for sales and support of the new Autotrack product, including the creation of new vehicles and swept-path analyses.

What does this mean for users? Well as in the previous post about the Civil Infrastructure specialisation it means that by engaging with us you are tapping into Amicus' knowledge, expertise and commitment to implement and support your use of Autotrack. We have been the sole Autotrack Authorised reseller here in Ireland for the past number of years. We have been selling and training Autotrack as well as undertaking vehicle creation and trackings for customers both here in Ireland and the UK during that time.

The most immediate thing that seems to have affected casual users of Autotrack since the purchase by Autodesk is the removal of the rental option. Casual users who maybe needed the software three or four times a years would previously have rented the software for a week and completed their work. Now that this option has gone under Autodesk it does not pay for them to purchase a full licence. Amicus Technology, as one of the recognised key partners, can (and have been) bridge the gap for Autotrack users by providing the vehicle creation or swept path analysis service direct to the user.

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