Friday, 28 February 2014

UKIE template - Dynamic Section Chainage

If you are using the UKIE drawing template and create cross sections using the default options (_Design and Existing Levels with Offsets band set), the chainage label on the x-sections is not dynamic.
The label used in the band set above is taking the sample line name as it's value. The sample line name does not update if the sample line moves. What you can do to add a dynamic label is delete the part of the band set that is displaying the chainage and then insert a label by editing the section view style instead.

First, select the section view and click on Section View Properties on the ribbon. In the bands tab delete the chainage band, see below:
Next select the section view, right click and select edit section view style. In here on the Graph Title tab we will add a label in the graph view title that reads the section view chainage, see below:
You can edit the position of the label. Also on the Display tab make sure that the Graph Title display is turned on.

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