Monday, 26 March 2012

Adding Custom Pipe Sizes

Depending on what pipe network catalog you are using you may or may not have access to your desired pipe size. For example if I am using the UKIE Part catalog < _Drainage Storm Water parts list and looking at the Concrete Pipes SI family. Adding all part sizes to the family I see that there is no 400mm dia pipe. Normally not a big deal here but apparently is commonly used in Bahrain!

You can easily define a new part size. Type PARTBUILDER at the command line. 

Double click on the part you wish to edit.
In the parametric building environment expand Size Parameters, right click on BdyD1 and select Edit.
In the Edit Part Sizes dialog box, click New to add a new size as shown below:
You can then add in part dimensions as necessary.


  1. Thanks for the post.
    The problem I am having is the file will not save. It keeps saying read only. While I have gone in as admin and changed the entire folder with read only taken off.

    Any thoughts on this???


  2. I created a new pipe size (54" diameter) and everything updated correctly in properties and labels. The only thing that didn't update correctly was the display in plan view. It shows it at a 60" width (inside diameter). Any ideas why?