Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Grading Between Corridors

In the same project described in my last post there were two access roads that were close to each other but at very different levels. The embankments between the roads will grade from the back of the verge of one to the back of the verge of the other and vary in slope. See below:
This project is in its early stages and the design is bound to change. We need to 'tie' the two corridors together dynamically so that a change to either road will be reflected in the grading between them without having to manually make these changes each time.

The first step is to create the corridors for both roads. Then extract a dynamic featureline from one of the corridors for the relevant tie in point. In my case I am extracting the back of the verge for the higher road. See below:
Make sure to tick the 'Create Dynamic Link to the Corridor' box and then select the featureline you want from the corridor. This creates a featureline representing the back of the verge which we can now use as a target for our lower corridor earthworks.

Modify the lower corridor assembly to include a LinkwidthandSlope subassembly (find it on the generic tab of the toolpalettes - CTRL+3).
No in our lower corridor we can use this subassembly to target the extracted featureline from the higher corridor.
This creates dynamic grading between the two corridors.
If the design changes for either access road the grading between the two will update automatically.

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